vendredi 6 mai 2011

Eclipse Modeling Package : SDK or not ?

The indigo release will be the first year the Eclipse Modeling package is no more marked as "incubating". As I'm checking the status of every component I'm wondering : do you, end users of the package, want an SDK package or not ?

I, as of now, considered that using EMF&co without the SDK was a real pain, but maybe I'm not the best representative and I'd like your feedback. Especially considering that now with the provisionning capabilities of Eclipse we also have a third option : transforming your non-SDK to an SDK package in one click.

So here is the poll, it will stay online for one week and it needs like, 2 secs, for you to fill :

What are the implications ? Non-SDK package mean smaller package (around 100mo probably) or package with more modeling tools. On the other end SDK package means you can start using EMF&co as frameworks right away.

The poll will be on for a few days, go ahead and pick your choice !