dimanche 16 décembre 2007

Chocolate commit

At workwe have a rule : if you commit something which does not compile, or that cause failure of the build, then you haveto bring back a chocolates candies box.

Many “chocolate commits”happened lately and we manage to always get a candy for the coffee break. As I’m working on a quite tricky project I’m thinking ahead and I did prepare chocolates this morning.

The recipe is quite simple :

  • dissolve/melt some chocolate
  • waita bit ’till it’s quite solid
  • maketiny balls with the chocolate
  • rollthem in sugar
  • rollthem in hot really black chocolate
  • rollthem in cacao powder
  • waita bit ’till it’s totally solid
  • commitsomething using String.isEmptyfor instance, be sure someone notices the mistake fast
  • bringthe chocolates !
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