mardi 25 novembre 2008

Back from ESE 2008 : WOW !

I'm now back to France after this great conference. Ed covered the "modeling events" quite well already but I can't prevent myself from sharing my pleasure as I'm still filled with excitement !

My overall impression on the conference is that it had many clear signs of an active, innovative and enjoying community. No doubt E4 has its role in this whole "refreshment" thing, the debates in the symposium were more than interesting and I've no doubt such good and skilled people as those involved in E4 right now will come up with a great platform. In this regard, Tom's talks were more than interesting, keeps doing the fun stuffs !

The "modeling is crap" statement has been repeated quite a few times during the various talks, Ed described and analysed such misconceptions, models will rules the world ! Resistance is futile !
More seriously, I have the feeling the message "modeling is not UML" was really getting in, thanks to Ecore and all the amazing projects under the Eclipse umbrella, you can define your own DSL and quickly develop your tooling or adapt existing tooling around that. That's being agile !

On the other side of the barrier, Eclipse is now able to compete with profesionnal UML tools thanks to Papyrus (and one a sidenote EMF Compare ;) ) This quality of tooling was only available in commercial tools before, things are changing !

Speaking about EMF Compare, I was amazed to see how many people reused this project or integrated it in their own tooling. Getting this kind of feedback is not easy, especially with the newsgroup as you mostly only get the "This stuff seems not to work" messages, ESE is a great place to meet your user base :)

Getting to ESE using the "night train" was not the best way to rest, but the modeling symposium was perfectly handed by Markus and the tiredness quickly disappeared.

Then the talks took place. High quality ones for sure ! That's a shame we have not been able to provide slots for the many good other talk submitted, let's hope we'll have more slots next year !

Summit also mean socializing ! Many people, many beer, good food, it can only lead to a nice reception :) I even hacked a bit with Sandro from the JCR management project which is really cool. How is that possible that all the guys working on models repositories are so friendly ?

I also chatted a bit with the whole Eclipse marketing effort !

Then many more talks, chats, with many other Eclipse project :) Time gets away too fast, and we were already having a last modeling beer at the Nestor hotel !

See you at EclipseCon !

jeudi 6 novembre 2008

How much computer scientists do you need...

To setup doors for a bathroom ?

At least 2 model driven enthousiasts + me !

And tadaa !

Thanks again for your help guys :)

lundi 3 novembre 2008

"Babies are such a nice way to start people"

I did not blogged a lot lately, several reasons for that:
  1. my web hoster decided that I had too much spam on my blog and destroyed the whole website with all its content :S
  2. I had a few weeks of vacation, a good chance to rest you'll say ! Well.. not really as you'll see with point 3 and 4 ;)
  3. in order to compete with Ed's incredible garden we decided to bought a house, so expect many more metaphoric blog posts with home made pictures!

  4. And at last but not least : Gaspard (Casper in English) joined us after 9 months of ecstatic waiting

That makes many good reasons to justify my lack of "mail answering" the previous weeks don't you think ? :)
Now let's work on those mails and prepare this great incoming Eclipse conference !

(The title is a quote by Don Herold)

mardi 25 mars 2008

Amazing forest

Open-source projets are similar to tree in some ways. They are living through time and slowly but steadily growing, being much and much impressive and at some point far bigger than what people expected from the beginning.

But they face aggressions from diseases, insects, industrial limber and are even in competition to get the needed piece of sun not to collapse. The license act as a protection concerning all these attacks, following the example of the Sequoïa’s tanin, the GPL protects the project from massive industrial exploitation without couterparts, and even if the people changes, the tree keeps groing up.

But even big trees may fall if the roots are not deep enough, and like the sequoïas we would not even know the tree has fallen as the tanin keeps it alive for hundred years on the ground.

So, what kind of roots do we want now?